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Dana Huth and Ben Triola have facilitated this site as a public service on my behalf and they have had great patience with me as I am learning how to edit the site and its contents. They are just one of many of the great businesses that call Maplewood home. You can support them by using RAMPANT’s services or visiting the MAUHAUS Cat Cafe and Lounge.

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  • Thanks Barry for putting in the effort to set this up. Great way to improve the conversation of elected officials with its citizens. I hope other council members will comment on here as well. Just curious, is there a way to see when new comments are posted?

    • I just received a your message from October 27th and it indicates that it has been published. I have the authority to publish or reject comments and WordPress lets me know when there is a comment that requires approval to publish. The only ones I have rejected so far have been spam.

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