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UPDATE! Susan Trautman, CEO of Great Rivers Greenway, has expressed the desire to hold a public forum to solicit more input before the Council has to make their recommendation as to which alignment option we would prefer. I have been corresponding with their representative, Elizabeth Simons, who attended the meeting last week at Foley’s and based on the questions we submitted, they agreed that more discussion should take place.

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Great Rivers Greenway (GRG) has asked the Maplewood City Council for a recommendation on our preference between the two routes they have proposed to connect Francis Slay Park with the Deer Creek path.

There will be a discussion of the two routes tonight at the City Council meeting at City Hall starting at 7:30 p.m.

The following attachment shows the GRG presentation with the two alignment options: GRG Route Alternatives

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  • I agree that more public discussion needs to take place and am excited to hear that GRG has expressed the desire to hold a public forum. Does this mean that you will be moving forward to work with GRG to ensure that this happens?

    • Yes, We will set up at public forum with GRG and the City will publish a notice and I will publish it on this site. I agree that if we have an opportunity to hear from more citizens and businesses it can only help our decision making process.

  • I’m glad to see bicycling as a priority. As for the two different routes, I like the Greenwood Blvd. route. It would provide connectivity with the business district on Sutton. Greenwood is already a really nice street to bike on, and it seems like it has potential to be a vibrant business district as well. I think routing people that way would be a good idea, as long as street surfaces are smooth. As an experienced cyclist, getting across Big Bend is pretty easy for me, but I could see it being difficult/scary for others. Mostly, new cyclists just have trouble deciding how to go about crossing a busy intersection. I think any infrastructure that at least guides cyclists and motorists about how to cross an intersection would be helpful.

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