Senior Internet Cafe Update

I have had discussions with AARP and they have agreed to hold sessions of their TEK Workshop at Maplewood City Hall for the purpose of assisting me in getting the Senior Internet Cafe program started. We are in the process of setting up those meetings and they will most likely occur on Wednesdays, early in the evening. A description of the AARP Technology Education Knowledge program can be found on their website.
I have purchased a dozen Android tablets and I plan to give them first to the volunteers so that they can be familiar with the hardware and get them set up. We will determine what applications would be most appropriate for our seniors and discuss how to provide instruction and support. The goal is to transfer ownership of those tablets to our senior participants in the program as soon as they are able to use them. I am thinking that they might have to attend a certain number of sessions at either Foundation Grounds or Stone Spiral in order to qualify for a free tablet.
Please let me know if you know of anyone you know that might want to participate, either as a tutor or as a student in the program and I will assemble lists of each. For the senior students, I will need a name and address as I assume that they will not have an email address.
I will post the meeting times and dates when they are determined.

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