National League of Cities City Summit


National League of Cities City Summit
Charlotte, North Carolina November 15-18, 2017

The following is a list of the events I attended while at the conference. I selected workshops that I felt would be most applicable to the issues we are facing in Maplewood.

Mobile Workshop: Coming Together for Crime Reduction

Mobile Workshop: Cross the City Bicycle Tour

Exhibit Hall Welcome: Service and Product Vendors

Mobile Workshop: Charlotte’s Creative Neighborhood Improvement Model

General Session: Astronaut Mark Kelly and former U.S. Representative Gabby Giffords

Workshop: Building and Preserving Affordable Housing in Transitioning Markets

General Session: Building Inclusive and Equitable Communities
Urban-Rural Divide
State and Federal Preemption

Workshop: Making the Internet Work for Everyone

Workshop: Getting Started with Racial Equality

Reception: Missouri Municipal League & League of Kansas Municipalities

Workshop: Big Ideas for Small Cities

Workshop: Engaging Your Cities Youth

General Session: Incoming NLC President Mark Stodola and Magic Johnson

Personal Tour: Better Blocks Event / Installation at Five Points Neighborhood

Closing Event: The Commodores

I am providing this information for the citizens and taxpayers of Maplewood to demonstrate accountability for the privilege of allowing me to attend the conference. I was accompanied by my wife, Deni, and I personally covered her expenses for the trip.

I have notes and literature from the events and access to the presentation materials and you can go to the NLC website to see descriptions of the programs and pictures of the events. I had the opportunity to network with other mayors, council members and staff of other municipalities to receive greater insight into what issues they face and how problems are solved in their communities.

My conclusion is that we are fortunate to have so many involved citizens, great city staff, school district, business community, and elected officials that work together to make Maplewood such a fantastic city, but there is always more work that needs to be done to keep us moving forward. I have quite a few ideas that I will work on implementing and I will try and communicate those efforts in my blog so that anyone interested in assisting with those goals can play a role in making our community even better.

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