MRH and the National School Walkout


I attended the local walkout this week and was impressed and encouraged by the concern and compassion shown by the high school students in honoring the memory of the students killed in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shootings. This is the only way that people under the voting age can express their concerns and maybe draw the attention of our state and federal governments. It is a shame...

Police Perspective


I read an article online from the perspective of a police officer and thought I would share it. Remember to click the read on button and the underlined text, in this case it is the word “article”.

Where Did the Name Maplewood Come From?


I found this article archived from the Post Dispatch / Suburban Journal published in 2007 and thought it was interesting. It references our local historian Doug Houser. Just so you know, you need to click on “read on” to access the underlined words which is gives you access to the hyperlink.

National League of Cities City Summit


National League of Cities City Summit Charlotte, North Carolina November 15-18, 2017 The following is a list of the events I attended while at the conference. I selected workshops that I felt would be most applicable to the issues we are facing in Maplewood. Mobile Workshop: Coming Together for Crime Reduction Mobile Workshop: Cross the City Bicycle Tour Exhibit Hall Welcome: Service and Product...

Senior Internet Cafe Update


I have had discussions with AARP and they have agreed to hold sessions of their TEK Workshop at Maplewood City Hall for the purpose of assisting me in getting the Senior Internet Cafe program started. We are in the process of setting up those meetings and they will most likely occur on Wednesdays, early in the evening. A description of the AARP Technology Education Knowledge program can be found...

Commenting on Posts Poll


I have stated in the blog rules that I am requiring a real first and last name when responding to posts and comments. The intent was that it would eliminate anonymous, inappropriate comments. I also understand why some commenters don’t wish to put their full name out on my blog in cyberspace. I need to determine if I should adhere to the stated policy or should I ease restrictions. One compromise...

Aging in Place Article


I will be publishing articles that I feel are of interest to the Maplewood community on a fairly regular basis. Here is the first on the topic of AGING IN PLACE. To access the article click on the post title (Aging in Place Article) or press Read On (below the post summary) and click on the article name.

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