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How to write a comment

Take some time to read the Mayor’s comment about a particular subject and then write your comment clearly and succinctly.
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This is moderated blog site and we will reject posts that do not adhere to our guidelines.  We will not publish any issues that you may have with council process or staff.

Your comments

The Mayor’s Blog is your opportunity to have a conversation directly with the Mayor. We welcome your comments, but remember this blog is moderated and we will only post comments which relate to the subject topic.  All comments will be reviewed for posting as allowed by schedule. This site is administered by the Mayor and there are no taxpayer paid city staff assisting in this effort. Please be patient.


I appreciate and welcome blog comments as they are good for community debate. So please let us know what you think.

The rules around this blog and comments are as follows:

  1. I welcome all comments positive or negative in the first instance but keep it on topic;
  2. Each person can make no more than three negative comments in a row. The next comment must at least be constructive (not necessarily positive). This is to raise the quality of the discussion and stop trolling by those who only want to score personal or political points;
  3. Comments that are critical and constructive are welcome but if they are largely just personal attacks they probably won’t be posted. If they are critical of individuals who will are not on Council then they probably will definitely NOT go up or will be edited to remove these aspects.
  4. In order to ensure a civil and accountable discussion, each person must log onto the site with their real first and last name and be willing to have their name published in conjunction with their comments. Anonymous comments and personal attacks on commenters will not be published. The Mayor and City of Maplewood are not responsible for commentary made or actions taken outside of the blog based on published comments.
  5. I reserve the right to edit posts by others or request that they be edited by the author prior to posting on my blog in order to facilitate and articulate exchange of ideas.



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